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We are all born healers. Only some of us practice healing. That’s my life’s calling. I never view my clients by the diagnosis that a clinician might have labeled them, nor do I embark on a fruitless trek through past problems.  In my practice, I recognize that each of us is a whole person with the capacity to heal from within. A good place to begin the process of removing the mask concealing your True Face is with the conviction that your authentic identity already resides in a Space of Wholeness. Depending on your life’s situation and your emotional needs, one or more of the therapeutic modalities I offer may be used. Your individual journey of self-discovery may be facilitated by Classical Homeopathy, Hakomi Therapy, the Sedona Releasing Method, or other methods of psycho-spiritual healing. If an exploration to unmask your True Self resonates with you, if you are eager to seek a life of ease and joy through Completeness, if you desire a Space of Wholeness where you can discover Healing from Within, I am ready to join you on your ascent to the peak of your life. Let’s climb that mountain together.


Classical Homeopathy’s goal is to attain both emotional and physical wellbeing, not simply by focusing on symptoms, but by following a holistic approach. At its core, Classical Homeopathy follows a path that will lead each individual to their intended purpose.


Hakomi Therapy is a somatic psychotherapy based on the mindfulness of the practitioner and client. During each session, the therapist provides an attentive safe space, tuning in with a loving presence in an expanded state of mind that holds the space needed for the client.


The Sedona Releasing Method is an easy to use technique and a powerful tool to let go of painful and unwanted feelings in the moment. Use it to improve any area of your life, anywhere, at any time.


Classical HomeopathY

Over two centuries ago, German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann introduced the principles of Homeopathy to the world. In the 21st Century, Classical Homeopathy, a compassionate holistic path to wellness, is recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the leading forms of non-conventional approaches to treatment known to the world. Its remedies and treatments are embraced by millions of people and practiced in more than 65 countries worldwide.
Its popularity and the increased interest in Homeopathy can be attributed to the mounting evidence of the damaging side effects and addictive nature of conventional drugs and their soaring costs. Homeopathic remedies and treatments take into account the body’s ability to stimulate natural healing responses. Classical Homeopathy is the 21st Century’s energy medicine.


Hakomi founder, Ron Kurtz, wrote “Therapy is first about discovering. It’s about who you are and about what your deepest emotional attitudes are. It’s about who you are in the very heart of yourself.” It’s about “core material,” made of memories, beliefs, and emotional perceptions that unconsciously shape our identities.
Through Hakomi Therapy, the client learns to differentiate between core material that is restricting them from achieving wholeness and material that supports their life journey, allowing them to follow paths that lead to authentic self-fulfillment. Hakomi Therapy embraces the principles of Mindfulness, Nonviolence, Mind-Body Integration, Unity, and Organicity – recognizing that each individual has an inner wisdom with which the therapist works cooperatively.

Sedona Releasing Method

The Sedona Releasing Method relies on your innate ability to let go of painful or unwanted feelings that you believe are holding you in their grip. In reality, you have the ability to release these negative obstacles to your wellbeing. It is not the feelings that are holding you, you are holding onto them. This releasing method will help you discover higher self-esteem and self-confidence as limiting emotions and fears drop away.
Free of the intellectualization that often immobilizes each of us, the adoption of the Sedona Releasing Method will result in an all-encompassing sense of relaxation and clarity of action through three steps that reside in your heart, not in the cognitive realm. Each is a question: Could I let this go? Would I let this go? When? A release often allows us to find light from the darkness by transforming our perceived obstacles into our greatest strength.

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I trace my own beginnings in this life to my birth in the verdant and ancient island country of Sri Lanka. This is where my spiritual beliefs in Advaita, Buddhism and Silence were formed. Silence is the key to total Freedom, bestowing upon each of us greater possibilities and outcomes.
At 18, I left for England where I trained to be a State Registered Nurse and Midwife. I am also a Certified Classical Homeopath and Hakomi Therapist. Along my path, I met many who accompanied me on that journey, taught me new skills and helped me unmask, to glimpse my own True Identity. A life-long seeker, I am eager to learn and incorporate new healing practices that pertain to wellness and a deeper understanding of life and its meanings.
My long marriage has led to a family and grandchildren who have added to my life experience.  With a home in Switzerland and much time spent each year in Greece and Thailand, I now continue my practice of healing wherever I find myself. The internet connects me with my clients, no matter where they or I may be at the moment. For those of you who are ready to lift the curtains that enshroud your True Identity, I will accompany you on your path. If you too are seeking to pull back the façade that is presently concealing your authentic self, to discovering your real place in this existence, I look forward to serving as your guide and joining you on your inner spiritual journey.

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